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Most widely used engine insulation marine soundproofing products.

A very effective boat soundproofing noise insulation for boat engine compartments

your engine compartment insulation is an important part of boat attenuating treatment in addition to headliner in your main salon and carpet underlayment. Applicable to engine insulation soundproofing RV campers, generators, mechanical devices, pool pumps and many other mechanical applications.

Offering a full line of yacht/boat soundproofing materials

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 marine engine soundproofing insulation attenuation product, the best noise attenuationg product available.

Diesel boat engine room marine soundproofing insulation acoustic main frequencies are prevalent between 80 to 250 Hz with 105 dB value, upward to 1500Hz. These are  mixed with noise generated at frequencies up to 850 Hz. The mix and match of sounds creates additive sound waves, causing the boat diesel engine low tone sound perception. Ideal composite to use is the 2" 2lb soundproofing at it's best!

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Gas engines boat marine soundproofing acoustic frequencies are prevalent between 150 and  2000Hz. with 105 dB value. These are mixed with noise generated at frequencies up to 2000Hz. The mix and match of sounds creates additive and destructive sound waves, causing the boat gas engine mid to high tone sound perception. If you have adequate space between engine and floor use the 2" 2lb if not use the 1" 2lb

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generator soundproofing noise reduction, best dampening material

      For compartments with tight space  clearance such as generator housings : COMPOSITE  0.5 inch / 2 lbs  applied to  marine soundproofing engine compartments ,may reduce sound from 105 db to 85 dB for  boat DIESEL and GAS ENGINE insulation boat soundproofing. When used in combination with vibration isolators, the COMPOSITE  0.5in /2 lb may complement / optimize sound perception as low as 77 dB.

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Floor underlayment QuietZone acoustic mat


Marine Floor carpet underlayment soundproofing, Mat is a lightweight Polyethylene-foam floor mat

Owens Corning Quiet Zone Floor underlayment Mat is a lightweight Polyethylene-foam floor mat that isolates sound vibrations caused by stereos, televisions, and impact noise such as foot traffic offering excellent attenuation.  Quiet Zone underlayment Mat can be used in various applications that reduce sound transmission by up to 80%. Quiet Zone is the preferred floor underlayment for Mass Loaded Vinyl on floor applications.

Roll: 4ft wide x 35ft long underlayment (covers 140 sf
and can be used with Hardwood, Carpet & Padding underlayment, Vinyl, Laminate Wood and Ceramic Tile flooring.
QuietZone Acoustic Floor underlayment Mat is a component of the QuietZone Noise Control System that can reduce perceived noise by up to 80% when compared to an un-insulated conventional system.
QuietZone Acoustic Floor Mat is placed between the sub floor and a plywood or gypsum concrete overlayment to create an isolation layer for sound vibrations and impact noises such as foot traffic. The plywood or gypsum concrete overlayment, once installed, "floats" on top of the floor mat, providing a rigid surface for the finished flooring.

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